Month: March 2011


Technological Singularity is a hypothetical event
when artificial intelligence surpasses all human brainpower,
the School of Athens on ultra-steroids.
Can you find the Beatle?

Will man be being replaced by machines?

We are all faced with extinction. According to Raymond Kurzweil, using a formula similar to Moore’s law, in less than 25 years the capacity of artificial intelligence will be about a billion times the sum of all human intelligence today. On that day it is possible that intelligent, automated machines will be able to self-propagate leaving our tiny human brains behind.

In some ways its already here. How does your heart respond to high tech support techniques like phone trees or automated webinars? The human heart has the ability to make irrational jumps to places far beyond our current state. Can a machine do that? Will a computer ever be able to suspend logic and dream? Let your heart put the “human” stamp on everything you do.

– D. Grant

Serenity Now

Beautiful Custom Design Interface
Serenity is within everyone’s reach.

The world is not always how we see it…
Brilliant design uplifts spirt and invites interaction

Be curious.

Seek answers.

Always question.

– D. Grant

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