Month: September 2011

And this of all my Hopes

9/11 Memorial - Hope springs Eternal
“Hope springs Eternal” – Alexander Pope

And this of all my Hopes

This, is the silent end

Bountiful colored, my Morning rose

Early and sere, its end


Never Bud from a Stem

Stepped with so gay a Foot

Never a Worm so confident

Bored at so brave a Root

– Emily Dickenson

This animated Presentation created for DP TECHNOLOGY to showcase their ESPRIT software at the IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show). The original presentation created in Adobe Flash allowed the presenter to click through the screens at his own pace. The presentation included a custom soundtrack to help sustain the attendees interest. The movie below has been edited down to fit within a 3 minute time frame.

“The ESPRIT employees and all the attendees were very impressed with the professional quality of the Flash animation. Thanks for your contribution to our success at IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show).”

– Chuck Matthews, VP Marketing, DP Technology

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