About Our Director

Dan Grant

For the last sixteen years I’ve focused on telling persuasive business stories to our client's customers.

What I Do

Creative Director / Team Builder / Storyteller

How I Do It

To understand which of your company’s solutions will best ease your customer’s pain - I first listen very carefully, asking lots of questions. With feedback from you, we’ll develop a rough strategy to move forward. I then begin building the best team to write, design, and develop the appropriate media.

Collaborating with you and our lead writer we’ll outline your story, getting step-by-step approvals as we move along the road of development. Together we’ll create a persuasive story combined with innovative design and compelling illustrations and graphics that engage and speak directly to your target audience.

Who I've Done It For

I've had the pleasure of performing graphic and instructional design services for a lot of great companies and associations inlcuding SCE, Adobe, Ford Motor Company, Kroger Foods, Mitchell, Advance Control Systems, CCH, University of Pacific, US Forest Service, Los Angeles County as well as many, many medium and small businesses.

No matter how big or small your company is, I constantly put my best work forward. Your project is my "baby." My pride of ownership will forever show through.

About iDig Presentations

Business Storytellers

Stories influence our behavior. Stories touch the heart. We remember them long after we’ve forgotten complicated concepts and fancy theories. Then why do so many businesses ignore story-telling as a way to make themselves memorable? And then they scratch their heads over the disappointing response.

What We Do

Great stories combined with captivating images.
Great stories combined with
captivating images.

IDig Presentations helps you be different. You already have a story. We uncover it. It doesn’t matter if you need presentation slides, graphic design services or web design services, we tell your story using clear, concise content, graphics, illustrations and photography. Your audience will want to take action. That’s key.

Eye-catching materials underscore your brand identity, improve your company’s image and prestige, keep your boss happy, and get your message across with punch and sincerity. And you’ll enhance your professional standing at work too.

How We Do It

Telling A Great Story

A good story, well told, grabs attention and engages people, gets results and creates an end product that’s a unique reflection of you and your service or product. But it doesn’t happen without realistic planning. We make sure the project flows as planned. We understand that missed deadlines can mean missed opportunities and business, and can damage sales. To us, keeping deadlines is just as important as creating beautiful work.

What's In it For Them

We examine your company’s services and solutions from your customer’s viewpoint. We are looking for that magic ingredient that will ease your customer’s pain. We then brainstorm ideas to generate the perfect storyline that taps their emotions. We build a strong creative team to write, design, and develop the appropriate media. Together we create a persuasive story combined with innovative design and images. The ultimate goal is to give your customer an appreciate of “What's In It For Them.”


One of our key strategies. We work with a team of highly-trained specialists on an as needed basis to keep costs to a minimum. Our network of creative talent, writers, artists, and photographers (all in the USA) allows us to offer a full range of services: we manage it all. Yet, as a small boutique firm, our owner is involved in every project. You talk directly to him, not to a sales person.


We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and vendors to evaluate outcomes and lay the groundwork for future cooperation. Click here to read more about our services.

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