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What Is Your Story?

Is your story (your image) consistent?

Our ultimate aim is to exceed our client’s expectations!

Focus the Concept

It’s easy to get started on a design project and windup some place far away from the optimum solution. To keep focused, the first thing we do at iDig Presentations is work with our clients to identify the means, the reason, and the ends. A solid foundation can be built from a simple declarative sentence like: “Our presentation is dated and needs to attract a younger, more educated crowd.” By focusing the concept we have a clear objective from which to critique the end result.

Define the Challenge

The target market’s demographics create an obvious impact on design considerations. We also look at the competition, corporate culture, features and benefits, media types, company goals and objectives, and other products and services that the company may offer.

Inspired Research

After pinning down the project’s challenges we being our design research. This takes two forms, tactile and ethereal. We begin with the tactile by collecting images and ideas from a variety of sources: Magazine ads, newspapers, design books, product packaging, competitors web sites, corporate stationary, brochures, catalogs, business cards, Google searches, television ads – anything we can get our hands and eyes on. The ethereal begins with long walks in the country or dancing in the dark. We try to imagine a perfect world of complimentary colors and harmonic shapes. All of this is an effort to establish a style, to find the right imagery and colors, as we develop a personality for the project to lean on.

Thumbnail Drafts

We start with the sharpest pencils in the business, plenty of tracing paper, and a well lit room. No critiques – just quick, rapid sketches; inverted forms; straight lines are optional. This is where 90% of “creativity” begins to take form. From the thumbnail storm of sketches we select the most promising and flush them out with detail. After adding style and color we then present the comps to the client for assessment and review.

Design and Development

Only after in-house critiques and client reviews can we begin the process of creating final art. This can involve many steps plus further critiques and reviews depending on the project. When the job is complete we follow up to ensure client satisfaction.

PowerPoint Presentations And Keynote Presentations

Key Concepts

  • Don't Make Me Think
  • Focus Before Flow
  • Target Your Market
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Bullseye content creation
  • Killer Graphic Concepts
  • Message consulting and storyboarding

Presentation Design For Esprit

“The ESPRIT employees and all the attendees were very impressed with the professional quality of the Flash animation. Thanks for your contribution to our success at IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show).”
– Chuck Matthews, VP Marketing, DP Technology

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