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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics emit emotion.

The key to adding animation to your live presentation is to not go overboard. Little subtulties can help keep you audience engaged, but to much movement becomes a distraction.

Videos and animated Youtube presentations are a differnt story. Viewers are used to quick edits and rapid movement, especially younger viewers. An older crowd requires a more refined approach. Take a look at the Create A Better Way video that we created for High Point Consulting. This is a good example of video married to audio to create an emotional bind for a muture audience. 


In the sixties everywhere you went kids were talking ‘bout beats, talking like they lived it. They really did. And that was their truth. Music shaped their worlds. How much more beautiful can that be? Sometimes you just had to say it. But they believed it.

We can create that kind of experience for you with original sound tracks made by quality musicians and professional voice over artists. A picture may tell a thousand words, but add music and meaningful commentary and you can approach a million!


We start with the sharpest pencils in the business, plenty of tracing paper, and a well lit room. No critiques – just quick, rapid sketches... this is how animation begins. 

Animation can define the indefinable. A complex story or highly technical solution can be impossible to describe with words alone. From storyboard to finale we walk you through every phase of your story to be certain your vision is captured and your audience is informed.


With interactivity it is possible to immerse your audience into your story making them fell they have a vested interest. Giving them control of your message generates greater interest and better communication. It’s not as hard as you might think. What is required is a well thought out plan of the how, why, and where the interactions take place. Think about an outcome and reverse engineer how you might get them there. If they’ve taken the first steps to move down a particular path, they are more than likely to follow it to its logical conclusion.

Client Recruitment YouTube Video For High Point Consulting


Flash Animation Demo Video For iDig Design 


Interactive ELearning Program* For the University Of The Pacific 
*requires Flash Player - not available on iOS devices


Every business has a story

How will yours be heard if you're not there to tell it?

The answer: Animate it!!

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